Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Monday 18 December - Sunday 24 December 2017

One of the most worthwhile experiences in life is when we spend a good amount of time and energy in attempting to force events to turn out in the way that we want them to but they don’t – yet what eventually transpires turns out to be more beneficial for us than what we had originally planned for ourselves. It teaches us humility and gratitude and reminds us that however closely we study something we never truly understand how it fits into the whole. So this week when things appear to go awry and your goal seems to slip further into the distance take heart. The universe is unfolding in such a way that you will not be left in anything like as bad a situation as you fear. Things really are good and you have reason to be optimistic. It’s just that you presently don’t recognise it this way. Have trust and faith this week in the overall picture and all shall be well.

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