Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Monday 18 December - Sunday 24 December 2017

This week your luck will lie in those directions that you would not normally look – especially so at this festive time of year. In order to make the most of a rare run of opportunities you’re best advised to keep one eye trained on anything strange or peculiar that arises as any of these may turn out to be the harbinger of exciting gain and new developments. We are all so practised during the festive period in going through the well worn motions of seasonal cheer that you should find no difficulty in keeping a look out for things that are just a little bit out of the ordinary. When something like this does appear try to pay it some close attention and then roll it about in your mind. Take a positive and optimistic stance on those things you would normally eschew – remember that candles give no light when they are still resting in their boxes...

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