Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Monday 26 June - Sunday 02 July 2017

Personal relationships could be strained this week but if you approach these difficulties with understanding and compassion you’ll find that by the time the week comes to its end that these will not only be fixed but you’ll be on even better terms than before. Being forewarned (just by reading this) it’s going to be even easier than it would have been as you should now be prepared for the disagreements before they break the surface. Cast your mind back to the past and realise just how valuable these relationships are to you and this will encourage you to put the work in. If you do fly off the handle in your frustrations then a quick and sincere apology will get you back on the road again. It is really is worth taking the trouble here. Things are only tricky temporarily and significant improvements to your general success rate are coming very soon.

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