Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Monday 23 October - Sunday 29 October 2017

Over the past few weeks things have not turned out quite as you’ve expected. This, however, was due to the confusing information brought about by a difficult astral situation which is now coming to its end. So this week you can put more faith in what you hear and learn. You could use this to make new plans for the foundations of new projects. There seems to be one new venture in particular that you really want to throw yourself into but are holding back on due to self-doubt. Dissolve this doubt and increase your confidence. There’s now more chance of success in this area than there has been for a while. You’ll need to advance with a good level of optimism so chase those fears away and greet the bright, new dawn with enthusiasm. If you really believe that you’ll win out and can put your back into it then you will. Now it’s all just a matter of belief!

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