Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Monday 18 December - Sunday 24 December 2017

You tend to give yourself a harder time than those of the other signs do. And over the coming seven days you’re likely to do exactly that - unless you give yourself a good talking to straight away. You have survived well enough even after having thought that all was lost and nothing good would become of you. Events you once thought calamitous have in fact brought opportunities which you least expected. These are not to be ignored as they only have a certain shelf life and will disappear if advantage is not taken of them in good time. So don’t just sit there and be negative – act! If you do then things will begin to transform around you and you will have the chance to be again the person with hope and courage and optimism that you once new. This is the time of good cheer – be as full of it as you can and things will work out wonderfully indeed.

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