Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Monday 26 June - Sunday 02 July 2017

You face a challenge this week but as long as you can generate just a wee bit more self-belief you’ll not only come through it successfully (or better than you originally thought) but you’ll also bolster your sense of self-respect and get some good experience into the bargain. You’re much more capable than you presently believe so the problem lies in your mind rather than in your actual abilities. This is great news – all you have to do to move to the next level where matters of confidence are concerned is to really believe this and refuse to give in to your self-doubt. You would never have got this far if you really were the person you’re presently painting yourself. You’ll get through it if you can just believe in yourself a wee bit more. Once you decide you’re not going to be defeated you’re unstoppable. So decide.

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