Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Monday 18 December - Sunday 24 December 2017

Don’t, at this last point before the festive celebrations, turn yourself over to wild, unaccountable optimism or unjustified dark despair. The way you feel now you could go either way but if you can manage to keep a steady hand on the tiller at this emotional time you’ll steer a calm and direct path through potentially choppy waters. Larger wheels are now in motion so don’t worry about the smaller ones even it seems to you they will only deliver difficult times. Yes, there will be small disappointments to be weathered but on the whole your ship is travelling at such a speed that these will be left behind. As long as you refrain from sudden urges to change course at the last minute all shall go generally to plan and you will start the new season with a fresh series of opportunities. There will be more than enough to choose from.

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