Libra Weekly Horoscope

Monday 21 August - Sunday 27 August 2017

It’s a beautiful world even though events sometimes conspire to lead us believe that it’s a vale of sorrows. Yes, you will have difficulties this coming week but your heart is easily strong enough to cope with virtually anything the universe will throw at you. Focus on your inner qualities of perseverance and optimism and any doubts will quickly fade away. In fact, if you follow this advice you’ll not only beat the blues but you’ll also make some breakthroughs that will have you smiling by the time the weekend comes. Take yourself to natural surroundings if you can and feel the strength of the earth. You are powerful indeed when you set your mind to it and all that will stop you progressing is self-doubt. Co-operation with others can bring great rewards so avoid solitude and get back into the mix with a confident, ‘can do’ attitude. You’ll turn a tricky week into a huge success.

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