Leo Weekly Horoscope

Monday 26 June - Sunday 02 July 2017

You’re not really quite like everyone else – you know this deep inside but it’s good to be reminded from time to time. This week you may feel left out or feel that those around you are getting better treatment or more favourable deals. Don’t let this bother you as you have something special within that’s not available to everyone. Just bringing this to mind when you come across something you regard to be unfair should take the edge off the irritation. You’re unique and have a wonderful value to the world and it’s only when you forget this completely that things get really blue for you. Look to your qualities – they are many – and remember that it’s better to be a pioneer than to just run with the flock. You’ve got through so much in the past. If you doubt yourself it’s only because you’ve forgotten how capable you truly can be.

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