Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Monday 23 October - Sunday 29 October 2017

As long as you take your time and think before you act you’re going to have a pretty positive week at most of what you try. Circumspection and a rational outlook are the keys here, however. If you make decisions hastily or allow yourself to be pushed in directions that you feel are unwise you’ll go astray. Look into the detail and act accordingly and all should work out well for you. But do avoid being over-calculating when it comes to your relationships. Your heart and not your intellect should be your guide when it comes to interacting with those nearest and dearest to you. You can achieve an enormous amount this week but this could be easily lost if your emotional side becomes embroiled in upset. So be good, be careful and be industrious and the coming week will be so much more likely to bring success and happiness.

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