Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Monday 21 August - Sunday 27 August 2017

Some of the promising opportunities coming your way this week are likely to be compromised by the actions and attitudes of those around you. Deal with this philosophically if you can and accept that the universe is not simply being unfair. If you can avoid feeling disappointed and frustrated by this you’ll not only learn something deeper about yourself but you’ll also realise that this run of seemingly disappointing events actually pays off for you in the long run. How can this be?  Some of what you’ve been hoping for would cause greater problems down the line if they were to have come to fruition and would have put you in the position of missing out on even greater chances on the horizon. So, even if you feel that you’re losing out you’ll find that the tide will turn again in your favour and you’ll eventually win out. It’s a strange world sometimes – this week, go with it.

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