Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Monday 18 December - Sunday 24 December 2017

Although you’re surely up to your ears in preparation for the New Year you still have the opportunity of starting something much bigger than that. New Year’s day comes every year but the chance to turn over a completely new leaf comes much less often than that. Keep your attention in your heart this week and you may just feel something bright and fresh beginning to stir. It is there. Search for it, notice it and nurture it emotionally without thinking about it too much and over the festive period it is likely to begin to sprout roots and begin to grow. Its influence can spread to every part of your being if you let it and this will transform with its warmth even those areas you had given up on. A Christmas present like no other is yours for the taking – but at the moment it is but a seedling. Find it and care for it and you will prosper beyond your imaginings.

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