Aries Weekly Horoscope

Monday 21 August - Sunday 27 August 2017

If you’re feeling that tricky problems seem to be never ending and that you’re coming to the end of your patience, then be assured that the astral weather in your sign is now changing and that relief is on its way. A significant amount of your present frustration lies in being overly tense about your situation so merely believing that you have a break coming will be self-fulfilling. Reach out to those around you rather than retreating into your own safe haven. If you cut off you’ll miss out on some interesting opportunities that can only come to your attention if you mix socially and exchange ideas. You may well feel that your world would be a happier place if everyone was like you but it wouldn’t – it would actually drive you nuts. So celebrate the differences and remember that you have qualities that really contribute to the lives of those with whom you interact. You are needed.

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