Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Monday 23 October - Sunday 29 October 2017

At the moment you seem to be spread a little too thinly. So, this week, take a huge breath and a good (and honest) look at all the different compartments of your life and you’ll see clearly which have no remaining potential and which really are worth spending your precious time, energy and interest on. Once you’ve done this (and naturally grieved for that which you can now see has clearly reached the end of the road) you’ll realise that you have a lot more opportunities in which to invest your talents and abilities. You’ll also feel a return of your energies as these have been somewhat reduced by a feeling of being overwhelmed by the number of things on which you’ve felt you’ve had to concentrate. And if no new projects come to mind, don’t worry! This week looks more than likely to bring its own new opportunities.

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