Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Monday 26 June - Sunday 02 July 2017

Your life is a mixture of ups and downs at the moment – some quite minor but some quite severe - yet you still feel as if things are not going anything like as well as they could do. This is quite normal! This week you could make a big difference to your outlook just by having a good look into the lives of those around you. If you can open up some conversations with them (try to do it with more than just one person) about what’s going wrong in their lives right now you’ll soon see that you’re blowing things a wee bit out of proportion where you own situation is concerned. Getting closer to your nearest and dearest will be a great help of itself as we all need this kind of support. This will come about easily as you share your problems with each other. You forget your qualities too often and then don’t use them. Remember who you are – you are unique and you are wonderful!

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